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Hayes Law Firm provided excellent support for my legal case.  All staff that I interacted with were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  My questions were answered promptly and thoroughly.  Potential actions as they related to my case were discussed with pros and cons highlighted to enable the best possible outcome.


“I was very impressed.  Y’all helped me with all of my needs, and worked out a deal with the court to keep me out of jail!”


The firm’s knowledge and timely communication kept me informed resulting in the best outcome for my case.


I recently hired Hayes Law Firm for legal representation. Mr. Hayes is very professional and his expertise was obvious in the courtroom. He kept me informed on any changes and updates throughout the entire process. I couldn’t ask for a better outcome in my case!!! I highly recommend attorney Robbie Hayes for any legal needs you are facing.


Hayes Law Firm communicated with me while setting realistic expectations for the outcome of my case. There were able to achieve my desired outcome.


I appreciated the honesty our lawyer provided us from the beginning. He always kept us informed with updates regarding our case. I feel like our lawyer helped gut us the best outcome possible. We are thankful for Hayes Law Firm.


The thing that I like most about my experience with Hayes Law Firm was their kindness and understanding and them not being annoyed when I called. Everyone in the office was kind and professional.


Hayes Law Firm is a law firm that cares. They kept me in the loop the entire time and expedited the case. They were able to help me obtain my desired results.


I was pleased with how the attorney called me personally to provide an updated.  I also received emails to update me on the status of my case.  And, most of all, the issue was resolved in a timely manner.


I would recommend Hayes Law Firm for the following reasons:

  1. The reception from staff and attorneys was excellent.
  2. The service rendered from staff was superb from beginning to end.
  3. The service was rendered in an unbiased fashion.


I am glad that I made the decision to let Hayes Law Firm represent me. I was very pleased with their service. They did everything that said they would do to obtain a great result in my case.


Mr. Hayes was very nice, courteous, and his fee was fair. I am from out of state and had to travel back to Mississippi on difference occasions. His staff handled much of their correspondence through email and telephone, which helped out a lot. He was able to have my case dismissed. He did an excellent job.


I would highly recommend Hayes Law Firm. Great service with dedication and fast response times. I feel Mr. Hayes did all he could do for our case in a timely manner with my son’s best interests. His staff is the sweetest.


Mr. Hayes has represented my family on two difference occasions and we won both times. He is always accessible and responsive to our needs, and even in short notice situations he has made himself available. I can’t say enough good things about Hayes Law Firm and highly recommend their services!


My My My!!! What can I say about his wonderful lawyer and his team? THEY ARE AWESOME!!! Mr. Hayes was on top of everything from evidence to court dates. He was extremely professional and very honest with us about what to expect from day one of hiring him in 2018. He didn’t sugarcoat things or make false promises or give us the runaround. He was not hard to reach and his paralegal, Mrs. Jane Claire, was just the light of the office. With this being my first time having to hire an attorney, I am extremely proud of the job he did and Lord knows I pray I never need another lawyer, but if I do – HE WILL BE THE FIRST ONE I CALL!


The firm set expectations for my case in the beginning and achieved them in the end. I love the Hayes Law Firm. Mr. Robbie did as he promised. He’s understanding and works with his clients.


If you are searching for a dependable, hardworking, loyal, and empathetic defense attorney, you should hire Robbie Hayes! With his diligence, my son’s felony aggravated assault charge was dismissed and expunged. Robbie Hayes will give you and your loved ones his undivided attention, and he will do everything that he can to get you the BEST possible outcome! Robbie Hayes is a winner and an attorney that you want on your side!

In a time where my life took a detour, I was able to find a lawyer that was respectful and treated me with dignity. If you are searching for a dependable, hardworking, loyal, go getter, patient and empathetic defense attorney, you should hire Robbie Hayes! With his diligence and determination and hard work he was able to get my DUI charge dismissed. Robbie Hayes is very professional and knowledgeable with all laws. He was compassionate and very understanding.

I would highly recommend Robbie Hayes and his law firm! I appreciated all that he did for me in my time of a frustrating situation.


Without any hesitation, I strongly recommend Robbie Hayes and Hayes Law Firm!


Hayes Law Firm is my families “go-to” firm for traffic law troubles. They always get it done for a fraction of the cost I would pay to insurance. 100% satisfied & thankful!


The people at Hayes Law Firm are very professional and knowledgeable about the law.


The Hayes Law Firm has earned by trust and respect. They are very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them and will use them again.


Due to Hayes Law Firm I was able to come back home with my family. Now I can get back to focusing on life. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Hayes Law Firm.


I felt comfortable hiring the Hayes Law Firm from day one. They were very knowledgeable with the law and will fight for your defense. I would refer this law firm for any of your defense needs. Very confident and professional!


The Hayes Law Firm is very professional. They Hayes Law Firm has great attorney, Mr. Hayes very educated, truthful, and trustworthy. These two men are very outstanding and professional. Thank God!


The Hayes Law Firm was the most professional and courteous attorneys and paralegals I have ever dealt with. They listen. They advise. They produce positive results. They tell you the honest truth. All matters are handled in a timely manner. I can never forget how I was treated like family by this firm. Thank you!


Hayes Law Firm treated us with dignity and respect. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone needing representation. Thank you to the entire team!


Mr. Hayes took my case to trial and I was found not guilty. He was open, professional, and asked my input throughout the entire process.


This was my first time ever hiring a lawyer and I didn’t know what to expect. The people at Hayes Law Firm were attentive to my needs and made me feel like I was part of the Hayes Law Firm Family. They were very courteous and explained thoroughly what was going on with my case.


My son wasn’t initially up front with Mr. Hayes. However, after some tuff talk and consultation with my son, two things happened – 1) the outcome of his case was great, and 2) my son learned his lesson.


I elected to trust Robert Hayes to represent me in the matter of an unfortunate felony possession charge, and it was definitely the best decision I made. I incurred my charge over a year prior to retaining his services. After attempting to work with other local attorneys, The Hayes Law firm was by far the most attentive and aggressive in taking on my serious charge with intention to attain a positive outcome. Robert Hayes was thorough, professional, and most of all diligent in delivering the outcome we were all hoping for. Robert Hayes achieved the unheard of with a charge such as mine and was able to get my felony possession charge fully dismissed. There is no doubt I hired the best and would absolutely recommend Robert Hayes to anyone who finds themselves in need of legal services.


The people at Hayes Law firm are good people and were very helpful. They will be there when you need them and will take care of you like you are one of their own.


My son retained Robert Hayes, Jr. to represent him in a criminal matter. In a previous case, my son’s lawyer was unprepared and didn’t have an interview with him until the day of court. Mr. Hayes was the opposite and did an excellent job explaining my son’s options. I am so grateful that Robbie was able to get his sentence not only reduced, but one of the charges was dropped. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional person to represent my son. He was very calming to both my son and myself which made the experience easier. I would recommend Mr. Hayes to anyone needing a principled person to represent your interests. Thank you, Robbie for your hard work and caring attitude.

J. Adams

When I was charged with a felony, Robbie Hayes was able to win my case, save me money, and keep me out of jail. The people at Hayes Law Firm really care about their clients and will go above and beyond for you!


I would recommend Hayes Law Firm to anyone in need of a lawyer. These guys were extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the law. I was completely satisfied with Hayes Law Firm. Five Stars!


Like so many people, I ran into some issues with the law and needed a lawyer. I retained Mr. Hayes and from the beginning he worked with me. He took his time to review the case thoroughly and even went to the scene of where the situation took place. My case resulted in a favorable outcome due to his hard work and I would recommend Mr. Hayes to anyone in need of legal representation. His entire staff was courteous and helpful.


My son was in need of legal representation, so we reached out to Mr. Robert Hayes Jr. I would like to take the opportunity to share this experience working with the Hayes Law Firm. When I first met Robbie, I could tell by his personality and character that we had made a good decision. Robbie was very straight-forward, caring and honest. He explained our options and ensured us that he would fight for what is right within the law. Throughout the entire process, he kept us updated and was very informative. He also, expressed and exemplified Christian values. This made me feel even more confident that he truly cares about his clients. With the way laws are changing today, we needed someone that truly loves and believes in what he does. Seeing these principles in him, I know that he respects the law and will do his best to give a good fight. Robbie is a man of integrity, patience and understanding. Due to his hard work, dedication and legal expertise from both him and his staff, our case resulted in a favorable outcome. I could not have wished for anything better. I would definitely recommend Hayes Law Firm to anyone that is in need of legal representation. I would like to thank him and his entire staff for being so professional and helpful.

D. Sevire

I retained Hayes Law Firm to assist in the defense of my son. From the beginning, everyone that I was in contact with was courteous and professional. Any question or concern I had was immediately addressed. I will always be grateful for the support I received from Hayes Law Firm and even more grateful that I selected their firm to represent us.

Ramona Boswell

We are very satisfied with how Mr. Hayes handled our case. From the beginning and throughout the process, Mr. Hayes was aggressive and proactive with his approach. His communication was excellent and he made us feel comfortable during this difficult time. His professionalism and prompt response to our phone calls and emails is appreciated more than words can express. He truly cares about his clients and is a very dedicated law expert. If anyone is in need of legal advice or an attorney, Mr. Hayes is the ONLY person we would recommend.


When our son was charged with DUI, we realized the serious impact it would play on his future if he were convicted. Fortunately, we retained Robbie Hayes to represent him. Robbie, was not only knowledgeable regarding the law, but we also found him to be very professional and attentive to us throughout the entire process.


“I am very aware that when you hire me, you are placing your future in my hands. I will do everything I can to obtain a positive outcome for you.”
— Robbie Hayes