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How an expungement may help in the launching of your career

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | Criminal Defense

The excitement within you cannot be held in. In the spring, you will graduate from college and have your eyes set on securing the ideal job and a satisfying career.

However, one big thing worries you. Your arrest as a young adult. Although it happened five years ago and you have owned up to your mistake, the incident remains in the public record for anyone to see. That court file may prove to be an obstacle as you hope to successfully launch your career. An expungement can help you as long as you qualify for one.

Sealing your record

An expungement is a process of removing your arrest from the public record. The action limits who can view it. With the sealing of the court file, an expungement blocks prospective employers, journalists, schools, landlords and snooping relatives from learning the details of your arrest.

A sealed public record will not appear in a background check, specifically those related to employment, and school and housing applications. However, although the record is sealed, it still exists. People within the court system and law enforcement will continue to have access to your record.

As long as you qualify

If charged with a misdemeanor or certain felonies, you may be eligible to pursue an expungement. Work with an attorney to determine whether you qualify. You also must understand that securing an expungement is time-consuming, so promptly act in getting the process started.

An expungement is beneficial in situations that fall outside the boundaries of a criminal conviction, too. Cases dismissed or resolved in a not guilty verdict remain on the public record, so it is wise to seek an expungement in these circumstances.

Continuing to pursue opportunities

Understandably, you struggle with the implications that a criminal record will have on your future. Self-preservation is essential. You must understand that a criminal record may hinder your attempt to land that ideal job or enter certain professional schools. An expungement gets your life back on track and allows you to pursue continuing opportunities.