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How is a DUI in a company car handled?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Companies entrust more than their physical property to the hands of their employees who drive company vehicles. Companies worry about their brand and reputation as well.

The level of professionalism required when driving a commercial vehicle is often set by the company handbook, but it is generally understood that all drivers are to follow the rules of the road and state safety requirements. This includes obeying all DUI laws.

Consequences of intoxicated driving

The legal term for driving drunk used in Mississippi is driving under the influence. Although it commonly refers to driving after the consumption of alcohol, it can extend to other substances that impact a driver’s ability to operate the vehicle with care and caution. The law sets forth specific intoxication limits, with the BAC limit being less than .08% for those older than 21 and a BAC lower than .04% when operating a commercial vehicle. Criminal penalties are typically the consequence of a DUI charge, but a charge could also lead to civil consequences as well.

Company responses to intoxicated driving

Individuals charged with DUI often receive swift responses from the vehicle’s insurers. In cases where the DUI contributed to an accident, the victims can file a claim to receive compensation for their injuries or losses sustained. When a company car is at fault, the company faces the threat of lawsuits and insurance premium increases. Although policies vary by company, it is highly likely that you will face termination after a DUI incident involving a company vehicle.

There is no need to jeopardize your safety, employment, or the lives of others on the road. Never get behind the wheel while under the influence.